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Hi! I’m Elizabeth Carabetta, The Holistic Kinesiologist. Over the past 24 years I have helped people make the transition from struggling with stress and difficulties to empowered states of renewed vitality. I am here to help you to balance and re-connect with your body, your inner self and your goals. I help identify underlying issues that are creating illness and/or preventing you from achieving your highest potential.

I graduated from the Kinesiology College of Energetic Sciences in 1995, the world’s first Diploma course in Kinesiology, taught by the pioneers of kinesiology, Dr Charles T. Krebbs, Christopher Rowe and Kerryn Sedgman.

I am an intuitive and gifted healer, my natural psychic abilities allow me to get to the root cause of issues and limiting beliefs quickly. Then, most importantly, clear them so they never effect you again. I specialise in emotional, mental and spiritual Kinesiology.

I focus on what you would like to achieve in life rather than avoid, and help you live the life you were meant to live. Each session is different from the last and may require different corrections. That’s why I have a variety of tools in my toolbox: I use Acupressure, sound and colour therapy, guided imagery, crystals, muscle stimulation, brain formatting, primitive reflexes, nutritional support and energetic healing.

I have a unique combination of experience, qualifications and intuition to ensure you get the most out of each Kinesiology session. In the 21 years that I have been practicing Kinesiology I am continually amazed at the results and changes I see in my clients … and quickly.


Dip. Health Sciences-Holistic Kinesiology
Dip. Clinical Nutrition
Neuro Organisational Technique (NOT)
LEAP (Learning Enhancement Program)
Shiatsu and Swedish Massage
Touch For Health Instructor
Serenity Vibrational Technique

Professional Membership

Australian Traditional Medicine Society, ATMS
Australian Kinesiology Association – Level 5 Practitioner
Committee Member 2002 - 2005


My Introduction to Kinesiology was at the age of 15. My mum took me to a Psychologist who practiced kinesiology to help my dyslexia. I was struggling with Basic English and Maths while my classmates were powering ahead. I was told to hold out my arm while she applied a small amount of pressure. It all seemed quite weird to a teenager.

From this she determined first that I was intolerant to dairy, she then went to talk about my ‘abandonment’ at age two. I was blown away how she knew this. I explained that my father had taken me away from my mother as he didn’t get custody and that I was gone for almost 12 months. After spontaneously crying, I then felt relief.

I cut out my cheese addiction and took some strange drops to help with my feelings. My skin cleared up after 3 days of no dairy and my marks at school went from below average to above average. I was thrilled with both outcomes and much happier within myself.

After the HSC I travelled for several years and had a career in catering, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I decided to go back to the Kinesiologist I’d seen when I was young. She said that I should learn Kinesiology and that she knew of a school starting up the next week. left my job and joined what was the first ever diploma course in Kinesiology in the world, in Melbourne in 1995.

I was lucky enough to be taught by some of the pioneers of Kinesiology; Dr. Charles T Krebbs, Christopher Rowe and Kerryn Sedgman. Just like the bumper sticker ‘Miracles happen’, I believe that you can’t take others where you haven’t been yourself.

“the soul knows what to do
to heal itself”


“After my first kinesiology session I felt like I was re-born, like the bricks had been taken off my shoulders and out of my shoes. I just felt happier. Since then every visit has unblocked different things, giving me more confidence. I think it’s especially good if you don’t like the idea of counselling because you know what the problem is, you just need a bit of help to get rid of it - and that’s exactly what Liz and kinesiology does. It has changed my life. Liz is a gifted healer.”



“After only a few sessions, kinesiology has firstly enabled me to stop taking anti-depressants and suffering the debilitating side-effects for nearly eight years. The work Elizabeth has done with me through kinesiology has broken some of the crippling chains of very sad childhood memories. Where before it seemed there was nothing to look forward to Elizabeth has freed me to face the future with optimism and happiness that I will become the person that I want to be for me and my children.”



“After only one session my 3 year old daughter went from being miserable, with emotional out-busts, to calm and more responsive. She just looked brighter. After 3 sessions she was less clumsy and more coordinated, she started to speak clearer and form sentences. She is even settling fast at night and sleeping through until morning. It is a miracle. Thank you.”



“I found that I was overworked, stressed and had a foggy minded - due to my ambitious nature. After seeing Elizabeth, she cleared my mind and I began to achieve without stress, feeling great about life and myself, without altering my ambitious lifestyle. All this after just one session. I see Elizabeth every 6 months, even if things are going OK, as I believe we service our cars, our bodies (gym, detox) and our minds need a service too. That’s how I feel after a session with Elizabeth.”



“Elizabeth is a finely tuned & experienced Kinesiologist. I cannot recomend her more highly. At my lowest, rock bottomin life- Elizabeths grace, warrior spirit and skill caught my fall, lifted me up - and gave me the foothold and direction I needed at the time. Her gentle healers heart depth of wisdom and raging spirit awaits you whereever you are at.”